Singing Flowers Studio - Botanicals for your body and your spirit
Singing Flower products are made with pure fresh plant ingredients. They are vegan appropriate, gluten free, and have no petrochemicals or parabens.
Thank you for visiting Singing Flower Studio. We offer a line of botanical personal care products.  Our lotions, shampoos and perfumes are made with the finest plant oil ingredients. Everything is fresh and healthy. We do not use toxic preservatives or harsh chemicals. All our ingredients  come from plants. 

We are continually designing new products, so if there is something you would like to have available, please let us know what that is, and we will try to design it for you. 

We ship as quickly as possible by priority mail. Since this is a small company, I do the shipping as well as the production. Let me know if you  have any concerns. You can contact me using this website or by telephone at 612-247-5540.

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